Sunday Jan 19



$10 / Red Room / Doors at 7:30

Repo Fam is the musical project of Baltimore singer, guitarist, and keyboardist Michelle Peña. This isn't Michelle's first musical endeavor. She helped form the short-lived indie-pop trio Esmond and spent two years playing wild and urgent keyboards for the radical Washington, D.C. punk band Foul Swoops. After stints in groups led by other people, Michelle felt it was time she took the lead and forged her own musical path. The cigarette ash and tricky guitar bits driving through Repo Fam's unique sound signal an above-the-noise writer aiming to knock the pedestal gargoyles back to Earth.

Repo Fam is joined by Nice Breeze - an ever-changing, beautifully-deteriorating sound capable of primitive slobber, muscle-moving fire, and profound Ashbery-worthy poetics, often all within the span of one chopped verse. Let's call it Nice Breeze.