Thursday May 23




Doors at 7:30

It may have flown under the radar at the time but American Football's 1999 debut LP, uniting emo and post-rock, was a pioneering work where lyrical clarity was obscured and complicated by the stealth musical textures surrounding it. The members of American Football already had lengthy resumes by the time the band formed. Mike Kinsella, Steve Holmes, and Steve Lamos all preceded their stay in the band with stints in Cap'n Jazz, Joan of Arc, and the One Up Downstairs. The band dissipated after one album, leaving its legacy to grow among listeners. American Football reunited and released a long-awaited second LP in 2016, this time with the addition of Nate Kinsella and a third LP in March of 2019. The latest release features Hayley Williams from Paramore on the album's catchiest moment and Elizabeth Powell, of the Québécoise act Land Of Talk. Mike wrote lyrics in French especially for her. American Football (LP3) stands with two other rare reunion successes - Slowdive and My Bloody Valentine's mbv - as a fine example of how a band refinding one another can augment, rather than taint, their legacy.