Monday Oct 9



$15 Backstage / Doors at 7:30


Influenced by everything from the psychedelic to the folkloric, from jazz to hard rock, roots punk and world music - while hard to describe, one could say the sound and mood of Yawning Man is visual and cinematic, heavy and melancholy, driving and daydreaming... Yawning Man, who hail from the arid desert area of Southern California, have been playing, jamming, and recording since 1986. Most consider them to be 'the originators' of the entire "Desert Rock" movement/genre, which would later come to include bands such as Kyuss. It would be almost 20 years after the band's organic beginnings that the public would be blessed with a full length LP, Rock Formations, released in 2006. Throughout the instrumental cinematic rock landscapes of Yawning Man, the post-Ventures haunting melodies and composition of guitarist Gary Arce are constantly being stretched, up-ended and sent deep into dark Joy Division territory, by the weird chords and heavy bass grooves of Mario Lalli and drummer Bill Stinson. The result is the kind of brooding and thunderous atmosphere that draws you constantly inward. Their latest album, Historical Graffiti is a very special recording session done during the band's 2015 South American tour while in Buenos Aires, when they were invited to record for one evening at the world famous ION Studios. Yawning Man is still going strong, driven by that which initially inspired the original members to begin this never ending journey, which was/is/will always be to create and connect landscapes of the real to surreal. The dreams to the drastic. The result being the beautiful, swirling and other-worldly music you know as Yawning Man. And then some.