Saturday November 6

(Record Release)

$15 / Doors at 8:00


Near Northeast is an experimental indie band that has spent more than seven years making an eclectic blend of folk-inspired experimental and electronic music in Washington, D.C. They're now finishing their fourth album - a reflection on isolation, belonging, and connection featuring their blend of electronic and acoustic soundscapes - and are ready to share new tunes with newly reemerging audiences in November of 2021.
Near Northeast began as an attempt to write a good folk song, and then a textured, complex rock song. They have been subverting and combining the two templates ever since. Guitarist Avy Mallik weaves diverse styles from his upbringing in India, Europe, San Francisco, and Portland. Vocalist and violinist Kelly Servick brings flavors of Southern folk music and classical string orchestra. Austin Blanton, on bass, synths, and harmonies, has made noises in various punk, metal, and other weirdo bands in Virginia. Antonio Skarica's childhood in the Balkans and teenage years in New Mexico informed his approach to percussion.