Friday June 3



$20 / Doors at 8:00


Few bands have invigorated French pop like La Femme over the last decade, and in 2021, they're coming to make all of our lives better. Paradigmes, the much-awaited third album from the Paris-based, Biarritz band, offers a shift in how we see the world, a kaleidoscopic vortex to a different, more vibrant dimension.
La Femme have always assimilated the sounds that surround them. Their 2013 debut album Psycho Tropical Berlin paid homage to kosmische, surf rock and cold wave; the followup - 2016's Mystère - hybridised elements of psych disco, Egyptian iconography and intoxicating flavours of 90's hip hop. It's music for the internet age that draws on vintage and eclectic good taste, where playful, sonic Dadaist collages are turned into something ebullient and remarkable, strewn with lyrics that are feisty, funny, philosophical and sometimes forlorn.