Thursday May 3




$10 Backstage / Doors at 8:00


HUME is a dynamic configuration of experimental pop and music concrete that approaches sound in extremes to create unique recordings and an ecstatic live experience. The constantly shifting brainchild of classically trained Britton Powell, HUME has treaded through years of extensive touring and a vast array of different sounds and atypical instrumentation. Deeply rooted in the fabric of DIY America, the band has brought their exploratory sound to most spaces imaginable.

From 14-story rooftops to underground caves, the band is known to blossom in extreme and surreal environments. Sweeping changes in the collective mindset and lineup brought about a heavy new vision with which the group shifted again, landing in uncharted headspace, ultimately discovering a new approach to their music. In the spring of 2011 the band arrived at its purest, most compelling form to date, consisting of dual drummers, vocals, electric bass, and electric guitar, often decontextualized and redefined through otherworldly stereo processing.

Driven by intense, polyrhythmic double drummer beats, much of the new material could be presented as unconventional dance music with Powell’s clear and cutting vocal melodies, but the band adds layers of crystalline sound-scaping through meticulously-crafted samples and manipulation that take all of its familiar elements far out of the realm of pop. Long strides of isolated, improvised recording, intense touring and an ever growing, stunning visual aesthetic through the artwork of drummer, Wilson Kemp, have taken the group into a new realm. The band is currently based out of Baltimore/D.C. and has three new releases in the works for 2012 including their first full-length LP due this coming September.