Friday July 16




$15 / Doors at 8:00


Exotiq Int'l is a new band from GL Jaguar (Priests), Laura Harris (Ex Hex), Niko Rao (Bottled Up), and Dajando Smith. Radical optimism and ecstatic energies sourced from Purple Music's outer reaches.

Too Free is born of the most innate curiosity - their only mission is a desire to connect with others in the space that music creates. Drawing from improvisation and experimentation, they deconstruct their songs to their most necessary elements, leaning into their collective punk ethos and DIY backgrounds. Taking energy that projects a reverence for legacy with the opposite of nostalgia, they lead with a principle of imagining a future and being in it - intentionally making music that skews towards the inclusive and accessible instead of making things insular and pretentious. Relying on the power of movement and improvisation, each track on Love in High Demand provides an empathetic space for the listener. Drawing equally from elements of South Florida freestyle and Jersey electro into DC’s signature polyrhythms, the record is a continuous refinement of the virtue of motion - each composition rooted in propulsive energy that envelops. Aiming to make something with a more utopian outlook that counters the pervasive pessimism, archaic ideologies and dystopian timelines we interact with on a daily basis, they approach this project with an open-endedness that incorporates higher concepts of what pop art can sound like.