Wednesday July 23



$12 Backstage / Doors at 8:00


The music of Drenge - bare-boned and architectural, without flourish or fuss - is as stark as a ribcage. Linger with it long enough and the flesh begins to stick, a full body appearing amidst the din. These two young siblings, barely past drinking age, manage to conjure death and immortality simultaneously. It's the aim of all great rock and roll: to step into the abyss and come roaring back out of it. To look deeply into those eye sockets and transfer that spirit back into the sum total of a three-and-a-half minute song that sounds as ageless as an unmarked headstone. It's no wonder these two lads were born from caves. The Loveless brothers hail from Castleton, an English village near Sheffield known primarily as an adventure destination for spelunking types. Not quite cave dwellers themselves, the two grew up on a steady diet of punk, rock, metal, and grunge. When it came time to construct the scraps Eoin privately assembled in his childhood bedroom into full-fledged compositions, Drenge began to reinvent the notion of a garage band. Call them a cave band, if you must, because this is cavernous music made out of the damp recesses of earth—primal, not suburban. Forget the garage. Drenge have tapped into far deeper recesses than that small space to park your hatchback nearest your house. These are the faraway noises you hear coming from the carved out spaces of broken earth, newly made available for your hi-fi.