Thursday Nov 19

!!! (Chk Chk Chk)

(Stereolab tribute featuring members of !!!)


$16 Adv/ $18 DOS Mainstage / Doors at 7:30


It's the 70s all over again! At least, it sure seems that way sometimes, what with all these long-haired folkies running about with acoustic guitars. And let's not forget about the metal bands, pounding out riffs heavier than Manchester steel. But don't go thinking that every 70s-influenced band falls somewhere on this soft/loud, Fairport Convention/Black Sabbath continuum. !!! eschews folk and metal in favor of another 70s classic. Disco. And no, it's not "The Hustle" or any of that commercial stuff that they're referencing - it's the dark, sweaty, pulsing disco of Larry Levan and the infamous Paradise Garage. Now, mix that with !!!'s root in the punk and noise scenes and you've got one hell of a dance party. Larry would be proud, boys.