Monday Apr 3



$12 Backstage / Doors at 7:30


Following three years of releasing music as the seminal vaporwave producer ESPRIT, and vocal-driven pop artist Mirror Kisses, George Clanton has dropped the alter egos. Clanton's latest work is built upon the foundation laid by those projects, but further pushes the sound of modern internet-bred genres by adding timeless pop hooks and structure. He is joined by Negative Gemini - an electronic musician and producer from New York who is known for her unique ability to effortlessly combine elements of mid-90's trance and techno with the poppy yet ethereal vocal sensibilities of singers like Madonna and Mazzy Star's Hope Sandoval. Together the two run the independent, vinyl-only label 100% Electronica, whose releases have been recognized by everyone from FACT to Spin to the "bestselling" charts of Bandcamp. Check it out.