Monday Nov 5


free Backstage / Doors at 7:00

A People's Choir is a casual sing-along. It isn't a performance; it's a group effort. We play the actual songs (not the karaoke version), and stand (or sit) around and sing.

There is no sheet music at A People's Choir, only song lyrics, which we'll provide in paper and electronic form. We don't care about your singing ability, just your enthusiasm - and we're pretty flexible in that area, too. Come alone or bring friends. Just show up and sing!

A People's Choir DC started in April 2014.
The original A People's Choir is a group sing-along created by Paige Reitz, Adele Hauser, and Decoteau Wilkerson in Portland, Oregon. The choir began in 2011 out of nostalgia for communal singing. Since the first choir, A People's Choir has hosted choirs at Portland State University's Open Engagement, New York's Art in Odd Places festival, Last Thursdays on Alberta, PDX Farm Fiesta, and regularly at Crush Bar. They were also listed as one of the "Best of Portland" by the Willamette Week. Find out more about the Portland choir on Facebook.