Wednesday June 8



$15 Adv/ $17 DOS Mainstage / Doors at 8:00


Only a place like Los Angeles can produce a group like Dengue Fever. Their unique blend of Cambodian rock, Afro grooves, surf, and garage psych is showcased perfectly on Cannibal Courtship, the group's first studio album since its 2008 debut. The new music marks three years of creative growth for the band, but the hallmarks of the Dengue Fever sound are all still there. You’ll still hear songs sung in both English and Khmer (Cambodian), and you'll still get Chhom Nimol’s haunting vocals and the band’s spooky, kinetic, mood-swinging sound. All of which is to say, keep it awesome, L.A.

Stream the brand new single, Cement Slippers: