Friday Jan 24



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No Cover / Red Room / Doors at 8:00

Sonia Herrero is a DC-based violinist. Her project The Andalusian focuses on modernizing traditional folk music from the Middle East. Currently, Sonia is a session violinist for film and commercial music and explores modern music techniques such as looping and sound design to amplify the meditative qualities of classical music. She also teaches music workshops around DC relating music tech to science and engineering.

Inspired by early immersion in sound system culture and performance where the mixing console is utilized as an instrument, Dubpixel (artist Doug Kallmeyer) utilizes multisource audio and formidable mixing skills as collage medium and process for weaving sonic tapestries in real time. For lovers of psychedelic, drone, ambient, electronic and dub!

Bryan Allen Moore - Conductor - received an MFA in sculpture from California State University and studied comedy at the Bruce High Quality Foundation in New York. He creates hand-made, sculptural instruments. His current setup is nicknamed The Crowbar Dulcimer for featuring a crowbar capo. This instrument appears on a track off the 2019 album The Art of Attrition by XK Scenario. Citing only one musical influence, in August of 2006 he moved Phillip Glass' piano.
Herschel Hoover - Composer - studied classical piano and music theory at the Peabody Institute in Baltimore. On his 17th birthday he received a '67 MicroFrets Golden Melody Style 1.5 w/ original DeArmond pickups, his iconic seafoam and lime guitar. He also plays keys and the crab mallet. He has released three albums as Herschel Hoover, including "Punk Ass Bitch" 2008, "High-Grade Migraine" 2013 and "Live at Fort Reno" 2017.
Maya Renfro is a member of The OSYX, Pagan Reagan, and the This Could Go Boom! label.

Zhenya Parish is a classically and culturally trained painter, based in the DC area. In her latest phase of discovery, she paints in time, moments, and experiences. Taking in the essences of the shared energy of life. Capturing an ephemeral encounter of art in community, while it happens. You are her painting. You are her moment.

Lovely Miss Kelly D is a psychic intuitive and Divine Chnnel. Come and receive insight and advice on your life path and energetic relationships using the art of tarot reading.